My entry for the 2nd Dragon Rider Challenge. The theme was fan art, so I couldn’t resist joining in.


Preview of the final project! Tomorrow when the light is better I’ll post the final.

Panera sketches.

Day 2.

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What’s this made from? An Stormfly looks awesome.

Thank you! Right now it’s just pieces of paper glued together. Later I’ll be adding the details with paint and more paper. :>

Final wip for the night.

5 hours later…

What’s this?! I’m working on another project?!

Done! This piece will be a part of the Chuck Jones Red Dot Auction in May. Feel free to buy a ticket and help support the Center for Creativity.

These two were always my favorite looney tunes characters. The only thing I hated was that I never knew who to cheer for in the cartoons xD

Time to finish this! Let’s see how fast I can do it!