My attempt at a Viking version of Stormfly.

No matter how much I tell myself to stop drawing dragons, I can’t.

Httyd sketch dump. This movie has taken over my life.

Morning warm up doodles from Sunday. My church had these offering envelopes, so I pimped mine out.

Trying to clear off my desk and I thought I’d share part of my paper cut process with you guys. Welcome to my madness.

Final piece here.

Sketch dump from the last month or so. Must DRAW MORE!!!

Ariel is based off something I’d found online a bit ago but I can’t find the original image now ;A; I tried to leave out most of my httyd stuff, but they still snuck in. 

Warm up doodles. Hiccup, I hope you have a stomach of steel.

Look what I just finished up! Cloudjumper and Toothless. Bros for life.

Early morning cuties doodle. I guess I should get ready for work now…

End of day 1.